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About Survival Race

It's series of urban obstacle races with 50+ epic obstacles that will test your strength, stamina, endurance and ability to cooperate with other participants.

In each of these cities there will be three STARTER 3km and 15 obstacles, WARRIOR 6km and 30 obstacles or MACHINE 12km and 50+ obstacles course to choose with both: special obstacles course and natural difficulties as moody tracks, steepy hills and narrow, rough paths. For more details, check out the OBSTACLES part of the web and facebook profile of the event:, on which obstcles are regularly presented.

Besides the course, there will be also special partner's zone and Survival Area with food, baby's room, scene and cold beer to entertain competitors and spectators.

Difficulty level and locations

Although it may sound as one hell of a challenge, the scale and difficulty of it will only depend on your engagement. If any of the obstacles will prove to be too much for you, you will be able to skip it - though with small time or training penalties.

The first race will take place in Poznań on 1-2 of June then 21-22 of September in Wrocław. You definitely can't miss it!

It'll take only a few minutes to register for a first nationwide urban obstacle race in Poland. Are you ready for the most challenging race in Poland?

When going gets tough the tough get going!


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